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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cerakote ceramic going to last?

The Cerakote we use is an oven-cured paint. It is durable and hard-wearing. Like with anything the more you look after it, the longer it will last. 

Putter inserts

We are now offering custom carbon fibre putter inserts (selected putters only) please get in touch for more details

Face milling

We are unable to do this

Chrome finish

We are unable to re-chrome clubs. We can not replicate the shiny chrome appearance in the Cerakote ceramic that we use for refurbishment. We do have a light grey alternative

Loft and lie

We do not do adjustments and recommend this is done before refurbishment to avoid damage

Polish and buff

Polish and buff

Can only be done on stainless steel clubs

Groove cutting only

We are unable to just re-cut the grooves as we will be cutting through the chrome. Which, when left untreated will rust over time


We send clubs off to our local engineer for milling. This has a more professional finish than stamping.


Due to the nature of bunkers and sand being and abrasive, this may cause wear quicker 

Book a Refurbishment

To book a refurbishment please Call 01263 823909​ or if you have questions please feel free to send us a message.