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Prices for grips and shafts vary depending on brands. Please get in touch to talk about your specific requirements.

Top-quality golf club grips and shafts

Need a new golf club shaft or grip fitting to your irons, wedges, woods or putter? Contact the professionals at Golf Irons UK in Norfolk.

Superior grips and shafts

At Golf Irons UK, we also offer a comprehensive shaft and grip fitting service, incorporating all the leading brands. Prices vary due to the large number of products available. Payments are accepted through Paypay and bank transfer, the details of the same will be sent after the consultation.

Playing with the right grip size is equally important as the stiffness of your club shafts. The length and loft of your irons also play a vital part to determine the accuracy of your shots. If the grip is too small and the golfer has to wrap his hands too far around the grip, the muscles of the forearm tighten up. When the forearm muscles get tighter, it is more difficult to take the club away from the ball smoothly. It then becomes more difficult to achieve a consistent swing tempo and swing rhythm. If the grip is too large, it can impede a proper release of the wrist-cock angle on the downswing which also can prevent us from rotating the face back around to square on the downswing. 


KBS grip

The brands of grips and shafts we stock include:

  • Super Stroke
  • Scotty Cameron
  • True Temper
  • Golf Pride
  • Lamkin
  • Winn
  • KBS
We can supply and fit any shaft and any grip to any club - please contact us with your requirements.
Scotty Cameron grip

Wide selection of golf grips

Both Golf Pride and Lamkin offer websites dedicated to golf grip sizing. There are measurement techniques and charts enabling you to determine which size is right for you. But ultimately each golfer has to decide what their most comfortable grip size should be. Rely on our experts for high-quality club grips. In addition to golf shafts and grips, we can provide efficient forged iron club reinforcement and custom putter paints.


Super stroke grip
colourful grips
gold pride grips
winn grips


true temper
Do you need a new golf club shaft or grip fitting to your irons, wedges, woods or putter? Call the knowledgeable team at Golf Irons UK in Norfolk on07826 810240

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