Forged Irons

Forged iron refurbishments

Forged Irons: £15 per club +£12 return P+P

Forged iron refurbishment & refinishing for customers throughout the UK

At Golf Irons UK, we can refurbish your forged irons to look like new. For further details, contact us today.

Our comprehensive range of services for forged irons.

As you're probably aware, forged irons are made from a softer compound steel, than the standard “cast irons”. This make the irons extremely nice to use and provides great feel through the shaft, to the player. Unfortunately, the soft steel has a tendency to mark easier with small dents and dinks, resulting in the clubs looking tired and worn in a very short period of time. Our refurbishment and re-finishing service will bring that new look back again.

clean golf club

The process:

  • The irons will go through our chemical cleaning process.
  • Then, the irons will be ground (if required) and then linished (belt driven sanding process) with multiple grades of abrasiveness.
  • The grooves will be re-cut, conforming to current R&A and PGA regulations.
  • Once, stage 2 is completed, the irons will be sanded by hand, to achieve a finish ready for polishing.
  • They will then go through our 3 stage polishing process, utilising specialist polishing compounds.
  • Last but not least, the irons with receive a re-paint of all numbers, letters and graphics (where applicable).
Grips and shafts
chrome irons

New sateen finish

Create a brand new look to your chrome irons. The sateen finish is a safe and effective way to restore chrome plated forged irons to look like new again. The process starts the same as a standard refurbishment, a deep clean, a light linishing to flatten the surfaces (sanding process), then a polish followed by the satten application. The sateen is an abrasive polishing process that creates a uniform look across the whole head. The application lightly scratches the surface of the chrome, but most importantly doesn’t remove the chrome, which will leave your irons protected against rust. This look is simply stunning. 

We also offer custom putters and paint kits.

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The not so small print

1. Every effort will be made to refurbish your club(s) and re-post them within 48 hours of arrival.  
2. A variety of postage options are available and will be discussed at the point off sale. Any damage caused to the equipment during the posting process is the responsibility of the courier service provider, not mine.
3. It’s your responsibility to package your equipment properly and send your club(s) to me.
4. Any damage caused to equipment whilst in my possession is my responsibility and will be replaced like for like – brand new clubs will not be supplied.
5. No work will commence unless paid for in advance, that includes extra clubs and re-gripping.
6. Photographs will be taken on arrival and any defects will be reported before work commences.
7. Graphic badges will not be replaced if missing on arrival.
8. Paint colours on letters, graphics, logos, etc., must be chosen and confirmed by email before work commences.
For high-quality forged iron refurbishment, trust Golf Irons UK.
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