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Cast irons

Cast Irons:£10per club +£12
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Quality cast iron refurbishments for customers across the UK

Do you want to maximise the performance of your cast iron golf clubs? Contact Golf Irons UK. This service is available for all steel, stainless steel, brass and copper cast irons.

From dink and dent removal to polishing, customising, repainting and re-gripping of golf clubs, Golf Irons UK provides an end-to-end golf club restoration service. If your irons are looking a little dull or tired, we can help to improve the look, but more importantly, improve the performance of your clubs.!!

Cast iron refurbishment specialists

We also offer a comprehensive shaft and grip fitting service, through our industry contacts we are able to offer every grip, shaft and ferrule on the market.

 Just ask, we'll do the rest..!!
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All clubs go through the same rigorous process

  • Specialist deep clean – Utilising steam and our very own specialised chemical cleaning solution
  • The grooves will be re-cut, conforming to current R&A and PGA regulations
  • Clubs undergo an intense 3-stage machine polishing process, using specific polishing compounds for each stage
  • A final hand polish and the removal of any polishing compound residue
  • Finally – the re-painting of all sight lines, numbers, letters, graphics, logos etc.
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The painting process

  • Sight lines – bottom 1 or 2 grooves on the face.
  • Numbers and letters – on the sole of every club
Please specify from our wide range of colours, keep them standard or customise to your own specification.
Luicked colours palette
Luicked colours
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Advantages of clean iron clubs

  • Maximises the performance of your irons
  • Improves the contact with the ball on impact
  • Provides more accurate, consistent ball flight
  • Generates maximum distance
  • Increases greater spin on to the ball
  • Boosts confidence in the knowledge that your irons are performing to their maximum potential
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Disadvantage of using dirty irons

  • Inconsistent performance
  • Poor contact
  • Unpredictable ball flight
  • Loss of distance and spin
  • The potential for poor iron shots, a bad round and much frustration
After reading the advantages and disadvantages, you’d be crazy to play another round with dirty irons, wouldn’t you?
Forged iron refurbishment

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Customer Testimonial

"Andy took an old set of Ram Irons 1 - 9, PW and SW and cleaned them up beautifully. He also re-shafted and re-gripped the clubs. Great work. Very satisfied. Would definitely recommend." - Zumwildenh Z

The not so small print

1. Every effort will be made to refurbish your club(s) and re-post them within 48 hours of arrival.  
2. A variety of postage options are available and will be discussed at the point of sale. Any damage caused to the equipment during the posting process is the responsibility of the courier service provider, not mine.
3. It’s your responsibility to package your equipment properly and send your club(s) to me.
4. Any damage caused to equipment whilst in my possession is my responsibility and will be replaced like for like – brand new clubs will not be supplied.
5. No work will commence unless paid for in advance, that includes extra clubs and re-gripping.
6. Photographs will be taken on arrival and any defects will be reported before work commences.
7. Graphic badges will not be replaced if missing on arrival.
8. Paint colours on letters, graphics, logos, etc., must be chosen and confirmed by email before work commences.
If you want your irons to look stunning and perform to the max
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